First Attempt at Stations

Today was our first attempt to do stations.  In kindergarten, stations is something that we do once or twice a week.  It allows the students to be involved with several different activities (typically four) for about 10-15 minutes each.  Today we painted our alphabet soup using watercolors and watched our crayon letters magically appear through.  We decorated the border of our All About Me page that was completed at orientation.  We used shape stamps to make a shape collage and introduced a new toy for choice time.  The kindergartners did such a great job working hard and their stations and using yellow and green voices (normal talking and whisper voices).  Before doing stations we discussed our volume scale.  As your child if they can remember what some of the colors mean.  A blue (1) voice is super quiet or silent.  A green (2) voice is a whisper voice.  A yellow (3) voice is a normal talking voice.  An orange (4) is an outside voice and a red (5) voice is an emergency only voice.

Tomorrow we hope to finish our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom art projects by scrambling the letters of our names on them, gluing noodles on our alphabet soup, and discussing why we have rules as an introduction to Constitution Day.  Look for our own preamble to come home with our classroom behavior plan!  Have a great weekend, and cross your fingers that WordPress gets fixed at school so we do have to switch our sites!


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